We connect clients, objectives, users and necesities.

About us


About us


We want you to have the best tech-solution

We are LignumSoftware, together since 2016 we've been a group of qualified people from the IT industry focused on INFORMING the client.

We believe that just creating a tech solution is not enough, we want everyone to understand why every decision is being taken so they can choose the right way to develop their idea.

In order to provide high quality products (web and mobile applications -such as health,business management among others-, website development, etc), we are in constant comunication with the client, advancing together in every decision we take, guiding and explaining what are the different options and why is the one we choose the best solution for you.


The average experience of our developer is 5 years


Our apps solved the problem of more than 200000 users


Since we started, our success ratio has been of 100%, we've never failed to deliver or implement a solution


Our average delivery time is about 50% faster than the competition