Frecuently Asked Questions


  • How does the process work?

    Simple: you contact us; we make a specific analysis of your needs; we make the proposal that best fits what you are looking for; we develop it and then test it. Our commitment is to guide you through the decision process in what is most convenient technologically and economically for you.

  • How customizable is the software?

    We can adapt the software as much as your company requires it! We look for concrete answers suited to each business and we are able to adapt to the demands of any project.

  • What level of support do we need from us (customer)?

    From the moment you bring an idea or technological need to us, we start the assessment based on these ideas and adapt them to your environment enhancing your digital transformation.

  • Do you provide advice in the previous analysis?

    Yes, we advise you from the very first moment.

  • What is the estimated waiting time for you answer?

    We can discuss your needs live via a Google meet where you can get all your questions answered! If it is by online message, we will generally respond within an hour but depending on the volume of questions we can take up to 72h.

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